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Four Things You Should Not Do To Your AC

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There are many rumors that you may hear about for AC care and maintenance. These tips from the neighbor or second cousin twice removed may not always be the best advice when it comes to your AC. Things like covering the unit with a tarp, adding an allergy filter or shutting your system off for the fall can lead to potential problems and costly repairs. Here are some of the things that you will want to avoid doing to your AC system:

1. Using Dense Air Filters For Better Air Quality

You hear a lot about changing the air filter on your AC, and you may be tempted to use a dense anti-allergen filter. This is a bad idea, because these filters restrict airflow and can cause extra strain on your system. If you do not have a system that is designed to use these filters, it is best to use a normal air filter, which is also cheaper. If you want to reduce dust and allergens, try replacing the filter more often instead.

2. Covering Your Outdoor Unit With A Tarp For Winter

Another myth that you may hear a lot about is covering your outdoor unit with a tarp to protect it during the winter months. Covering the unit with something can be good, but you want to make sure that it breathes. Sealing it up tight can trap moisture in the unit and cause you to have a problem with mold and fungus growing. Instead of using a tarp, cut a sheet of plywood to fit on top and paint it the same color as the unit to make it more attractive.

3. Shutting Your AC Off To Save Energy When It Is Cool

You may also be tempted to shut your AC unit off during the cool fall months or spring. This can be a bad idea, because your AC may also help with the climate in your home. Turning the AC off can cause condensation to build up in the ducts and throughout your home, making conditions perfect for mold to grow. Instead of doing this, consider just adjusting the thermostat down a degree or two.

4. Do Your Own Repairs, No Matter How Small They May Seem

It may also be tempting to do some of your own repairs, such as cleaning the coil or changing a fuse. Some of these repairs may seem small and not worth contacting a technician to fix. The truth is that many of these problems can be signs of something more serious, and working with the AC can be dangerous. Have a HVAC contractor do these repairs for you. Most services offer contracts for maintenance, and can inspect your system whenever there is a small problem.

Though some of these things may seem like good ideas, proper care of your AC can save you from costly repairs. With the changing of the seasons, now may be a good time to contact an HVAC technician like High Tech Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning to have your heating and air conditioning serviced.