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How To Improve Your AC Unit On Your Own

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Air conditioners are expensive appliances. Many people are tempted to buy a new air conditioner when they notice that theirs is not as powerful as it once was. It can be especially tempting when you realize how new air conditioners are so much more energy efficient. You might be tempted to invest in a modern air conditioner if only to reduce your utility bills. Of course, there are many ways that you can increase the efficiency of your existing air conditioner. In the long, this will be much cheaper than investing in a new AC unit.   

Here are 2 ways to clean and improve the power of your air conditioner. 

Clean the Output Hose

Cleaning the output hose is a simple way to improve the airflow of your air conditioner. The hose comes out of the AC unit and leads into the house. So, the hose can get loose or clogged at both ends. You can remove the hose by loosening the hose clamps are both ends. Pull the hose out and clean it thoroughly. Also, look at the fittings for the AC unit and the pipe into the house. They can also get clogged with dirt.

When reattaching the hose, it might be better to get new hose clamps. Take the old clamps into the home improvement store and get like for like replacements. If you want to be extra safe and make sure no air leaks out near the clamps, you can use duct tape to reinforce them. Just wrapped a couple of layers of tape around the clamps after they are fully tightened.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Many people do not even know what condenser coils are. They are actually quite visible and easy to spot. The outside walls of the AC unit are lined with condenser coils. They are the metal ridges that are just behind the protective cage. This means they are very easy to clean with just a hose. Of course, make sure you unplug the AC's power supply before you spray it down.

When the coils are clean, the air conditioner will be able to suck in more air. In turn, it will be able to produce more cold air to circulate around your house. These 2 simple jobs will only take a couple of hours. You can get them done without any special tools or knowledge of HVAC systems. Do them now to immediately improve the power of your air conditioner. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Snipps Heat & Air Inc.