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Three Air Conditioner Care Tips

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There are few issues that can make your home more uncomfortable during the summer than problems with your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it can be common for homeowners to take this part of the home for granted until a serious problem arises. To help you be a better informed and more responsible homeowner, you will want to make sure to utilize these three air conditioning tips.

Understand The Importance Of Having Your Air Conditioner Serviced Each Spring

One of the most important things that you can do for your unit is to have it professionally serviced each year. These service visits are necessary so that any wear and tear that the system has suffered can be repaired. Also, these visits will allow the technician to inspect the system for more serious mechanical problems that may be developing, such as a failing motor. Without these visits, you may find that your unit is more likely to suffer a mechancial failure and require more expensive repairs.

Protect The Exterior Unit

It can be easy to overlook the need to protect the exterior unit. However, these units are subjected to intense stresses from the sun's heat to strong storms. These issues can degrade the performance of your unit while also causing potentially serious damage to it. You will want to make sure that you are taking some practical steps to shield the unit from these threats. One of the more effective things that you can do is install an awning over the unit. These attachments will shield the air conditioner from the sun's intense heat, and they will also offer some protection against hail damage. As an additional precaution, you should make it a point to inspect the system after any strong storms. If dents or other issues are found, you will need to contact a professional air conditioning repair professional to inspect the problem and determine whether repairs are needed.

Consider Upgrading To Washable Air Filters

Changing your system's air filter is important for ensuring that the air quality in your home is as high as possible while also preventing dirt on the filter from inhibiting the flow of air into the system. To help make changing the filters as efficient as possible, you should consider buying a couple of washable air filters. Many of these filters can be cleaned in washing machines, which will allow them to be reused. By having a couple of these filters, you will be able to change them every few weeks without having to waste money buying disposable air filters.

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