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Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

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Have your customers been complaining because it is too hot inside your store? Getting the central air conditioning system repaired in a speedy manner should by high on your list of priorities. The lack of cool air in your building establishment can have a negative impact on your business image, such as by causing you to look unprofessional. Sometimes the most simply things can wrong with the air conditioner and prevent cool air from circulating. Ask yourself some of the questions in this article to gain knowledge about what your air conditioning system might need.

Does Air Flow in a Steady Manner?

Have you noticed that the air does not flow through vents in a continuous manner? For instance, does air come out strong for a while and then weaken for no apparent reason? If your air conditioning system has such a problem, it points to the blower fan possibly being in bad shape. The fan might sometimes spin around at full speed, and then it slows down to a speed that is unable to produce a satisfactory amount of air. The fan can stall from an accumulation of debris, rust, or because the motor has weakened to the extent of needing to be replaced. 

Are All of the Vents Open?

If your building is large, it is not likely that you pay attention to all of the vents to the air conditioning system. It is wise to take a walk around the building and examine each of the vents. Find out if any of the vents are closed completely, or if they are barely open. If the vents are too high for you to reach, hire a professional to open them up on your behalf. He or she can also inspect the vents to find out if they have bent covers that is preventing air from properly coming into the building.

What is the Condition of the Air Filter?

An air filter that isn't in good shape can be the root cause of cooling problems in your building. For instance, if the filter has been in place for numerous years without ever being inspected, it might be old and damaged. Certain types of damage can lead to air struggling to pass through a filter. Dirt can cause an air filter to become disfunctional as well, which can be cleaned on in most cases. A professional can take a look at the filter and any other part of the system to find out what kind of repairs are needed for cool air to begin circulating as it should.

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