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Simple DIY HVAC Repairs To Do Right Now

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HVAC repair is not always daunting and complicated. That is, even if you don't have any HVAC experience, you can probably make some basic repairs to your system. This article focuses on a few simple problems and how you can probably fix them yourself. In many cases, these are repairs you can begin right now, and you don't need any tools or special supplies.

Weak Airflow

If your system is producing weak airflow, there could be quite a few potential causes. Of course, not every solution is going to be easily repaired. But, you can check a few things and possibly find the source of your problem quite easily.

For instance, you should first use a flashlight to look inside your registers. Make sure that the blades are actually open. Often, the switch connection can break, so when homeowners think they are opening or closing the interior blades of the registers, nothing is happening. In some cases, you cannot actually see inside your registers unless you use a flashlight and look up close.

A clogged furnace connection can also be the cause of your poor airflow. That is, where the furnace is connected to the duct system is a common problem area. If this area gets clogged, the air won't be able to flow out of your furnace and into your duct system. So, you need to open up your furnace cabinet and look at this connection with a flashlight. If it seems at this juncture is clogged with dust, you can suck it out with the hose to free the dust.

Smelly Air

If it seems like the air blowing into your home is smelly or dusty, this probably means that you simply need to replace your air filters. Many homes have multiple air filters. There is usually one located on the air return, and another located directly inside the furnace. Replacing your filters is something that you need to do at least once a year, depending on the lifespan of your reticular filter and how often you use your furnace. The majority of homeowners don't replace the filter as often as they should. As a result, mold and other smelly allergens can circulate throughout your duct system without ever being properly filter. The longer you go without changing your filter or  having your duct system clean, the worse these odors can become.

If you want to save some money, these simple repairs can improve the efficiency and productivity of your furnace and air conditioning systems. For more information, contact companies like Advanced Air Quality Services.