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What Steps Should You Take If Your Commercial Cooler Is Not Holding Temperature?

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Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, or another place of business that houses food and refrigerated goods, a commercial cooler can be one of your most valuable pieces of equipment. While valuable, these things can and do sometimes have problems, especially if they have been in use for a lot of years. One of the primary problems people face with old cooler units in commercial settings is the cooler not holding the proper temperature. Keeping cold foods cold is extremely important to prevent loss of product, so here is a short list of steps you should take if you notice a problem. 

Check the temperatures of the food inside the unit. 

Your first and primary concern when you see you have lost the proper holding temperatures in a refrigeration unit is the food that is stored inside. Luckily, most cooler units are so well-insulated that they can have the temperature elevated slightly and the food will stay at the right holding temperature for a bit afterward. Check the temperature on some of the foods in your unit to ensure they are safe. Anything that has an unsafe holding temperature after checking should be thrown out, but things that are still cold will be okay to save. 

Make arrangements for secondary cold holding. 

If the temperatures of the foods inside of your cooler are still okay, make arrangements for moving the food to a secondary location where it can be held at the right temperature until your cooler is fixed. In a lot of retail environments there is more than one cooling unit, so if that is the case for you, simply relocate as much product as you possibly can. If there is not a secondary cooling unit on-site, consider renting a mobile cooling trailer temporarily until the repairs are made to your unit. 

Contact a professional refrigeration repair technician for help. 

No matter how familiar you are with refrigeration maintenance, if your cooler is not holding temperature this is not a DIY task that you should attempt to tackle alone. A lot of business owners attempt to make their own repairs, get the cooler back to the proper temperature, and then move their food inside only to find the cooler has gone back down again later on. Contact a professional repair technician who has the tools and skills to get your cooler running in a reliable fashion. For more information, visit sites like 1800coolaid.com.