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What Are Common Ailments Of An Old Heat Pump?

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Maybe you inherited your heat pump when you bought the house or perhaps yours has just been around a while and you are curious. Heat pumps are highly efficient in their operations, providing both heat and cooling on demand, but heat pumps can also have some pretty tricky problems once they start to reach the end of their lifespan. The more familiar you are with your old heat pump and the ailments it could face as it gets older, the better you will be prepared to call in for assistance when the timing is right. Here is a look at some of the most common ailments of an old heat pump system. 

Air temperature is not matching thermostat temperature. 

You have the thermostat set to cool air on your heat pump, but intermittently, you get bursts of hot air or vice versa. This is probably the most common problem old heat pumps have. The temperature-control regulator and the geothermal unit of the heat pump must work in perfect unison to match whatever you are requesting on the thermostat, but older heat pumps kind of get confused somewhere in the process. This can lead to weird reactions just as described, and usually means the heat pump will soon have to be replaced completely, unfortunately. 

Air flow changes drastically from what it was. 

The typical output of a heat pump is fairly good. These HVAC systems have a strong compressor system that pushes a hefty amount of airflow through to carry heat and air in an efficient way throughout the house. When older heat pumps have a lot of years on them, that once strong compressor system weakens, which means the air flow will drastically be reduced. Sometimes, this happens all of a sudden, like someone flipped a switch. However, there are some cases when the decline is gradual, so you may not notice at first. 

Air that comes from your heat pump smells fishy. 

Bad odors and an HVAC system are two things that should never be together, but occasionally, a unit that has sustained water damage will smell funky until it dries out. But, if your heat pump is radiating weird-smelling air all the time and the odor does not subside, there is a good chance the age of the heat pump is the problem. Older systems have a bad habit of getting mold, mildew, and dirt clogged up inside the outer unit, which can be easily repaired if caught early on. 

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