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Dealing With A Flooded Septic Field

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A flooded septic field is a nightmare for anyone with a septic waste system. Here are a few tips to help you cope when your septic field is flooded.

Don't Pump the Tank

Don't pump the septic tank as long as the area around it is still flooded. First, pumping the tank won't help because the floodwater will still affect it. Secondly, pumping the tank at this time is dangerous because it may float out of the ground. This is a real risk because the wastes inside the tank help to weigh it down; if you pump the tank, it becomes light and it can be pushed out of the ground due to the action of the floodwater.

Go Easy On the Septic System

It's best not to use the septic system as long as it is still flooded with water. A flooded system may be unable to deal with its wastes, and some of the waste may spill over into the surrounding environment. This means you will just be sending wastes into your yard if you continue using the septic system at this time.

Have the Septic System Inspected and Serviced

A flood should not be able to affect your septic system too much. However, some of the auxiliary systems or connections such as the pump chambers may be filled with debris. Therefore, you should have the system inspected, cleaned, and have any problem fixed before you start using it again. Note that septic system service, especially if it involves working around or on the tank, is dangerous and shouldn't be handled as a DIY project; let a professional contractor do it.

Don't Use Water From Nearby Wells

If you also have a well in the same compound or in the vicinity, then you should not use it from the moment your septic system is flooded. This is because the floodwater may carry with it some of the septic wastes and contaminate the well water. Once the flood has subsided, get your local health department to test the water and confirm that it is safe for use.

Watch Out For Soil Compaction

Lastly, your septic drain field is particularly vulnerable to soil compaction at this time. This is because the floodwater has softened it. Therefore, you should be careful and avoid operating heavy machinery, such as vehicles, around the septic drain field. Otherwise, the soil will get compacted and it will not be able to absorb the water coming out of the tank.

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