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Have Your Gym Members Been Sweating More Than Usual Lately? 3 Reasons To Upgrade The Air Conditioning At Your Fitness Club

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Businesses sometimes try to scrape by for another year with an old or worn-out HVAC unit out of the desire to save on expenses. While it is true that a commercial air conditioning system is an investment, you must also keep in mind that it pays off in big returns when your customers are satisfied. Now that other people seem to be noticing the temperatures rising, it is time to take action. By upgrading or having your commercial system serviced, you can look forward to seeing these benefits that all enhance your business.

Prevent Mold and Mildew From Forming

Commercial air conditioning services involve more than just putting in a new unit or performing inspections. They can also involve helping you to identify the right temperature to keep the system running at to prevent issues that arise with humidity. When you factor in body heat, sweat, and potential moisture sources such as pools and saunas, the potential for mold and mildew developing in your gym becomes clear. When you arrange for commercial AC services, be sure to mention if mold or mildew has been a concern so that your technician can help you find solutions to the problem.

Reduce Foul Odors

Adequate ventilation not only helps to reduce humidity, but it also enhances the entire gym environment by reducing foul odors. Commercial systems are designed to keep air circulating so that your fitness club never develops that stale, sweat stench that can permeate a room when people are working out at their maximum abilities. 

Entice Members to Keep Renewing Memberships

Your gym depends upon having a steady stream of new members signing up as well as having current ones who come back for renewals. Unfortunately, people notice things such as foul odors and excessive heat that make them want to find somewhere else to go. Once you find the sweet spot for the thermostat settings in your gym, everyone will love coming back for their fitness sessions. Over time, increased interest in your gym makes the money you spend on an upgrade come back to you in the form of revenue generated by renewals and new member commitments.

Sure, most gym goers are looking for a little bit of a sweat as they work to get in shape. However, no one should feel like they are in a sauna when they are merely trying to do some deadlifts. By upgrading your unit this season and using commercial air conditioning services, you can have everyone looking forward to being a member of your fitness club.