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Poor Airflow And HVAC Problems: Could It Be Your Ventilation System?

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If your bedroom, kitchen, or family room feels exceptionally warm during the day, you could have a poor airflow problem on your hands. Poor airflow can occur from several things, including a bad ventilation system. Learn more about poor airflow, how your ventilation system could be the culprit behind it, and what you can do to improve the situation below.

What's Happening Inside Your Ventilation System?

Poor air circulation (airflow) can be hazardous during the summer. Not only can poor airflow increase the humidity and heat in your house, but it can also damage your HVAC system over time. One of the culprits behind poor air circulation is a clogged or damaged ventilation system. 

Your ventilation system is one of the main parts of your HVAC system. The system contains air ducts, vents, and many other intricate parts. The parts all work together to keep the air in your home balanced, clean, and safe. However, air ducts and vents can attract different types of debris over time and clog up. If the debris builds up too much inside your ventilation system, it can prevent air from moving through your air conditioning system and home. 

Poor circulation is just one of the issues associated with a clogged ventilation system. Your air conditioning system can also malfunction or break down. If the compressor or evaporator coil inside your AC units fails, you may need to replace it. If you act now, you may be able to solve the problems in your ventilation system.

What Should You Do About Your Compromised Ventilation System?

First, contact an HVAC contractor or company in your community or area for assistance. A contractor can check the status of your air ducts and vents during the visit. If the parts contain buildup, a contractor may clean them. Cleaning your air duct system may help you minimize the loss of cool air and energy in your house.

If you have other problems with your ventilation system, such as degraded or leaky air ducts, an HVAC company can repair the structures. Air ducts can dry out and crack as they age. Ducts can also leak precious air from your HVAC system. All of these problems can lead to poor air circulation and loss of energy in your home in the summer. 

You can obtain additional information about poor airflow and how it affects your ventilation system or schedule an HVAC service by contacting an HVAC professional today.