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4 Air Conditioning Repairs And Improvements That You Should Deal With Before Winter

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Before winter arrives, you want to be able to turn the AC off and know it will be ready the next time the heat returns next summer. Cleaning, winterization, and covering your AC unit are all things that can be done to ensure it makes it through the extremely cold winter months. There is a lot of work to do before you turn the AC off for summer, and the following tips should help you get all this maintenance done.

1. Keeping the AC Unit Clean as The Autumn Weather Approaches and Leaves Begin to Fall

Keeping the AC unit clean is important, especially during the autumn months when leaves begin to fall from the trees. As the fall weather begins to approach, make sure to keep the AC unit outside clean and free of leaves and other debris that get can get inside and cause damage to the unit.

2. The Process of Winterizing Your AC to Ensure That It Is Ready for The Winter Months

Winterizing your AC unit is also important to ensure that you are ready for their winter months period winterization of AC systems should be a lot more than just covering the unit to protect it from the winter weather. To start, you want to drain the common sense in lines clean the unit and make sure that plugs have been put in place to prevent moisture from getting into components freezing and causing damage to the system.

3. Inspecting the AC for Minor Problems, Repairing Them, and Changing the Filters One More Time

It is also important to inspect your system to make sure that there are no minor problems or repairs that need to be done before you turn it off for the winter months period inspect the outside unit an check other components for problems like damage to the AC ducks or batteries that need to be changed in the thermostat inside your home. If you need help with repairs before returning your system off, contact an AC repair service to help with the repairs that need to be done to ensure you are ready for the summer weather that is going to return next year.

4. Options for Covering, Enclosing, and Protecting the AC Unit From Severe Winter Weather

The last step in winterizing your system is to cover it to ensure that it is protected from winter weather. It is important that you use to cover that it's designed for AC units to ensure that ventilation is allowed to prevent mold from growing inside the unit during the winter months period if you do use other objects tarps or materials to cover the unit, make sure that there is a gap at the bottom of whatever is covering the unit to ensure good ventilation.

These are some tips to help with all the maintenance that needs to be done to get ready for the end of summer, turn the AC off and get started cranking up the heat in your home. If you are ready to start preparing your home for the cold winter ahead, contact an air conditioning repair service for help with maintenance as the summer weather comes to an end