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4 Options To Consider To Make Your Furnace Installation Energy Efficient

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When the time comes to install a new furnace in your home, you want to make sure it is energy-efficient. You will want to choose the model of energy-efficient furnace you have installed in your home, as well as additional as other improvements for better efficiency. The following options for your furnace installation will help make your home more energy-efficient:

  • Energy Efficient Gas and Electric Furnaces—There are several options for high-efficiency furnaces that can be installed in your home. You may want to consider an electrical system if you want to have the option to power the heating with solar panels. If you are going to be installing a gas system, talk to the furnace installation service about options for the most modern and efficient models for the heating needs of your home.
  • Adding Solar Water Heaters and Renewable Energy—Another option that you will want to consider upgrading your heating with the furnace installation is a solar water heater. The solar water heater can provide the ductwork with thermal energy through a heat exchanger that can be mounted in the plenum. This will improve the efficiency of your new furnace installation to save energy this winter. These systems will help reduce energy consumption of your furnace to reduce utility bills, as well as winter maintenance and heating repair costs. 
  • Thermal Improvements to Ductwork and Your Home—The ducts can also be improved in many different ways, which include replacing the installation or changing their design to improve airflow. You need to talk to the furnace installation service about improvements to the ducts and vents for better energy efficiency, as well as other options like a zoned HVAC design and upgrading the thermostat. You can also want to talk to the furnace installation contractor about options for smart HVAC thermostats.
  • Updating the Thermostat and Asking About Zoned HVAC Designs—The biggest improvement that can be done to your HVAC is to install a modern thermostat. In addition to updating the thermostat, you will also want to talk to the heating installation service about options for zoned HVAC designs that can improve the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner. These are systems that heat the different areas of your home separately to reduce energy waste and improve efficiency.

With the right model of furnace and additional improvements, your home will be much more efficient this winter. If you are ready to install a more efficient heating solution for your home, contact a furnace installation service or HVAC contractor for help with these improvements for your home.