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5 Warning Signs It's Time To Call An Electrician

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While there is no doubt that having electricity in your home is a vital part of allowing you to enjoy many of the products and services that you have come to rely on in your everyday life, your electrical system can also pose a significant threat to your safety and the safety of your home in general if it is not properly maintained. This is because a poorly maintained electrical system can easily result in a fire hazard. That is why it is so important that you are able to identify the need to call a professional electrician before a minor issue becomes a major problem. Taking the time to review the warning signs described below can help you to know what to look for when assessing the need for an electrician in your home.

You Are Frequently Using Extension Cords

While using extension cords may seem like a quick and inexpensive solution to not having enough outlets or not having outlets in the areas where you need them, it is important to remember that extension cords are not intended for long-term use. If you find that you are using extension cords on a frequent or constant basis, it is time to call in an electrician to have more outlets installed in your home. 

Your Circuits Trip On A Regular Basis

Your electrical system makes use of circuit breakers as a means of preventing electrical fires. If you are frequently needing to reset these breakers due to a tripped circuit, there is a good chance that your electrical system needs to be upgraded in order to keep up with your growing electrical demand. This is a job that should only be completed by a qualified residential electrician. 

Your Outlets Feel Hot To The Touch

While many people mistakenly assume that it is normal for electricity to produce heat, the fact is that electrical outlets should never feel hot to the touch. If you find that your outlets are hot when plugging items in, this is a sign of a shortage in your electrical system and should be addressed by a professional. 

You Hear A Buzzing Sound In Your Walls

A low buzzing or humming noise inside your walls is a good indication that your home's electrical system has a wiring shortage. A failure to address this issue can easily result in an electrical fire. Consequently, you should immediately call in a professional electrician if you hear these types of noises coming from your walls. 

You Get Shocked By Switches Or Appliances

Electrical shortages can also result in you getting low voltage shocks when touching light switches or appliances in your home. While these shortages may be found either inside your electrical system or within the appliance itself, it is always a good idea to call in an electrician to determine the source of the shortage and make any necessary repairs.