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Information To Help Homeowners Improve Their Furnace Maintenance Habits

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Summer is a hectic time in most households, with family vacations, summer camps, and back-to-school shopping needs all vying for time and attention. With all this activity occurring, it can be easy to forget about some home maintenance tasks, including basic furnace maintenance. Homeowners who have suddenly realized that they cannot remember the last time they actually performed any type of furnace maintenance task can use this information to help get back on track.

Immediately install fresh HVAC filters

Homeowners who immediately install a fresh filter in their HVAC system will be taking a first, crucial step in resuming regular maintenance tasks so that their heating system can function as efficiently as possible. In addition to installing a fresh filter, homeowners should also consider noting the time and date of the task and setting reminders at monthly intervals to ensure that future filter changes are not forgotten.

If you feel that you may have trouble remembering to purchase and maintain an ample supply of fresh filters for upcoming filter changes, you may want to consider subscribing to an HVAC filter delivery service that will automatically mail out a new filter on a preselected schedule. Using an HVAC filter subscription service is an easy way to ensure that you always have the filter you need on hand for each upcoming filter change. 

Homeowners who prefer a more environmentally responsible option may want to consider switching to washable, reusable furnace filters. If reusable filters feel right for your home and family, consider purchasing a few of them so that you always have a fresh one to install while the other one is being cleaned and dried. 

Schedule a professional maintenance visit

Furnaces that have not been regularly maintained for an unknown period of time are far more likely to have developed component damage or wear than those that receive regular filter changes and proactive system maintenance. If not corrected, these furnaces are likely to operate less efficiently and may even require replacement much sooner than a well-maintained furnace of the same type and age. 

Homeowners who are trying to get back on track with furnace maintenance after a lapse should consider having the furnace examined by a reputable HVAC contractor as soon as possible. In addition to evaluating the condition of the furnace and system components, the technician can look for signs of wear that could make the heating system fail unexpectedly during the upcoming winter months. Information gleaned from this type of professional maintenance visit can also help homeowners understand how to properly maintain their furnace and why it is so important to do so. Contact a furnace maintenance service for more information.