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4 Reasons To Call Heating Services This Winter

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A heating fault in the deep of winter can put your family in harm's way, especially if there are very young children in the house. But HVAC faults do happen, and when they do, you need the quick assistance of heating services. These professionals are very useful in diagnosing and fixing faults to keep your family warm and comfortable. What are some common faults that require quick, professional attention in the cold months of winter?

Frozen Coils and Pipes 

Freezing temperatures make the liquids and gas in the pipes and coils freeze. This problem can happen when the unit shuts down, for example, because of a tripped circuit breaker.  It brings the whole system to a halt and can cause a dangerous pressure buildup in the coils and pipes.

This fault is easy to fix since heating services only need to warm up the frozen installations to kickstart the circulation. However,  extensive freezing can take time to thaw. 

Uneven Warm Air Distribution 

Sometimes you feel some parts of the house are colder than others because the warm air is not distributed properly. The most common cause for this problem is cold draughts through leaky windows and doors. 

However, it can also happen because of clogged or leaky ducts not delivering warm air as expected. A heating installation service can diagnose a problem with the ducts and do a repair or replacement.  

Faulty Thermostat 

A faulty thermostat will fail in its crucial role of regulating temperatures. Often, the thermostat is wrongly set. However, an aging thermostat can go out of sync and fail to calibrate the temperature properly.

You need heating services to test the thermostat for proper setting. They can then recommend repairing or upgrading it. An upgrade can be beneficial if you want to integrate heating into a smart home system. 

Faulty Pilot Light 

Natural gas furnaces ignite by the pilot light. If it doesn't turn on, the furnace won't work. Likewise, the pilot light can go out when gas is shut off. Air drafts can also put it out. But the most common cause is dirt and clogging.

You should call heating services to diagnose a faulty pilot light and relight it. Often, it only needs cleaning off the dirt, but it could also be a complex problem like a loose thermocouple. 

Are you worried about the availability of heating when you need it most? Then, call heating services for preventative maintenance.