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What To Expect When Having A Ductless Heater Installed

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There are many different ways to heat your home—including boilers, furnaces, and ductless heaters. The installation process for each of these options varies slightly. Thinking about getting a ductless heater? Wondering what to expect if you take this option?

Here is a look at the heater installation process. 

1. Consultation

Often the installation process starts with a consultation. This happens a few days or a few weeks before the actual installation. During this meeting, the HVAC tech looks over your home to ensure that you are selecting the right ductless equipment. 

They will assess your heating needs based on the size of your home, its insulation, construction materials, and design. Then, they will determine where everything is going to be placed. 

2. Setting up the outdoor unit. 

The ductless heater will come with an outdoor unit. If you have a small home or are only adding ductless heating to a certain area of your home, the outdoor unit will be a single-zone unit. If you're adding multiple indoor ductless units, you will need a multi-zone unit. 

If needed, the installer may have someone pour concrete so there is a stable place to put the unit. Otherwise, they will place this unit on an existing patch of ground somewhere near your home. 

3. Mounting the indoor unit. 

Next, the heater installer will prepare to mount the indoor unit. Depending on the unit you select, it may be mounted to the wall, floor, or ceiling. 

4. Connecting the indoor and outdoor units. 

At this point, the installer will connect the indoor and outdoor units. There will be a refrigerant line, an electrical line, and a drainage line. These lines are very small, and they can be threaded through the walls. 

The installer will only need to make a small hole in your outside wall and a small hole in the inside wall. They don't have to disrupt anything else. These holes will be sealed and hidden by the equipment. 

If you have multiple indoor units, the installer will repeat this process multiple times. Each of the indoor units will be connected to the outdoor unit. 

5. Setting up the controls. 

Once your ductless heater is installed, you need to learn how to use it. Ductless heaters come with a range of remote controls, or you can download an app to your phone. 

These heaters have more than just thermostat settings. You can also control fan settings, humidification settings, and more. To ensure you get the most out of your equipment, ask the installer to show you how to work the controls. There can be a bit of a learning curve.