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5 Advantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems For Large Homes

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For many people, especially those living in warm climates, air conditioning systems are an integral part of their lives—but different kinds of air conditioning systems exist, each with its own advantages. If you are looking for an AC for a large home, a ducted system would be the obvious choice for several reasons:

1. Better Delivery for Multi-level Homes

Multi-level homes require a large air conditioning system with multiple units to deliver cool air. A  ducted heating and cooling system is ideal for a home with more than one floor because it distributes cool air evenly throughout your home, saving you money and improving comfort. You can extend ducts to long distances and still deliver expected cooling or heating to different levels. 

2. More Precise Delivery for Larger Spaces 

One of the biggest benefits for larger homes is that a ducted air conditioning system delivers cool air more efficiently than in-room units. Because a large unit can force air through much longer lengths of tubing, it doesn't have to stop and start as often. 

This means better temperature control throughout your entire home, especially in large rooms. Some systems even allow you to vary cooling levels on different floors or in different rooms.

3. Setting up Zones for Flexibility

Different rooms and spaces in the home often require different climate settings. Setting up zones enables you to make changes to your air conditioning system more easily, which means you can tailor your comfort levels to suit each room's specific needs. 

For example, cooling down the living room is much easier than cooling down an entire house at once. This also allows you to maintain temperature consistency throughout your home, which will help reduce energy costs.

4. Grills and Registers Blend Into the Decor 

Ducted air conditioning systems come with grills and registers that blend into your home's décor. Many different colors are available, from simple whites to some lively shades. Consider wooden finishes such as oak or mahogany if you want a more classic look. If you are keen on aesthetics, this type of AC will meet your expectations. 

5. Whole House Solution 

One big advantage of ducted air conditioning is that you only need one system to cool your entire home. You also have much more flexibility in controlling the temperature in individual rooms with a central system than in split ones. 

This can be especially handy if you live in a large home where it's hard to make sure that every room is properly cooled when it's hot outside.

Ducted ACs have been around for a long time and remain popular for their advantages. Call AC services to discuss suitable options for ducted air conditioning systems for your home.