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The Benefits You'll Get From Having Radiant Heat

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When it comes to picking the heating system for your home, many people immediately think of a forced air system such as a furnace or heat pump. However, a radiant heat system that uses hot water pipes hidden underneath the floor can be a great choice for the following reasons.


When it comes to how it feels to be in a home with radiant heat, know that you can't beat the comfort that it provides. That is because the hot water pipes form a grid underneath the floor where heat comes from every section of it. The heat is evenly dispersed across the floor of the entire room, rather than coming out of a vent that is located at a single point. This allows every part of the room to feel the same amount of heat, without having hot and cold spots. 

In addition, that heat is generated from the floor of the room and naturally rises up. This causes the lower half of the room to be the warmest, which is the part of the room that you occupy. The lower half of your body feels warmer than the top half, causing you to have a cool head. 


You may be used to the sounds generated by a forced air heating system, with a furnace that needs to push the air through the ductwork. The system does not generate that much sound, but it is something that you notice. A radiant heat system barely makes any sound at all. The water is heated through a boiler and then sent through the water pipes, so you do not hear the sounds of loud fans or even have the sound of airflow coming out of a vent.

Air Quality

A huge benefit of a radiant heat system is that there is going to be improved air quality in your home. There is no air that needs to be pushed through vents so that the heat reaches you, so the air is not moving around as a result. There is no air filter that needs to be cleaned, dust is not going to get disturbed and float in the air, and you'll generally find that the heating system improves your home's air quality as a result.

Think that radiant heat sounds like a great idea? Reach out to a heating contractor in your area to learn more information about it.