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Saving Money On Your Furnace Replacement

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Having a furnace replaced can be expensive, but often, it is necessary. If you're on a tight budget, you may be looking for ways to keep costs down when replacing your furnace. Often, it is best to be upfront with your HVAC contractor and let them know you're tight on funds. They can often help you find ways to make furnace replacement more affordable. Here are some options to explore.

Choose last year's model.

If it is towards the end of the year, which coincidentally is when a lot of furnaces are installed, your HVAC contractor may have access to both last year's and this year's models of furnaces. They will tend to preferentially install new furnaces simply because they have the latest and greatest features. However, they can often install last year's models for less. You may simply have to request this. The previous year's models may sell for less, and the manufacturer may also offer additional discounts on them because they are no longer being made.

Pick a less efficient model.

These days, there is a big push to buy the most energy-efficient furnace possible. However, there are lots of furnaces that are slightly less efficient and sell for significantly less. They're still a lot more efficient than the average furnace that was made 10 years ago. So, you'll probably still spend less on energy once you have one of these models installed in place of your old furnace. Talk to your HVAC contractor about slightly less efficient models and their prices relative to the most efficient ones.

You may also want to go with a less recognized brand of furnace. The big brands tend to be very good, but there are some smaller brands that are also awesome but more affordably priced because they don't have the name recognition.

Keep your blower unit.

The blower unit is the HVAC component that blows the heated air into your ducts. Usually, your HVAC contractor will replace the blower unit alongside the furnace. However, if yours is still working, it's possible to leave it in place and just replace the heating portion of the furnace. Not every HVAC contractor will do this, but some will. It's worth having a conversation with your contractor to see whether this is an option for you to save.

If you need to keep your furnace replacement inexpensive, it is possible. Consider the options above, and click here to find out more.