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Use An AC Repair Technician To Replace The Fan Grille On The Condenser When It's Damaged

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If a storm drops large hail or a tree limb on top of your AC condenser, it might put a dent in the grille cover on top of the unit. This could be more than a cosmetic problem since the fan motor and fan blades are right under the grille.

A dented or broken grille could cause the fan to wobble or scrape against the grille or side of the condenser. This could keep the fan from working and cause the condenser to overheat. Here's an overview of how an AC repair technician can replace a bad grille cover on your condenser.

Take Off The Cover And Disconnect Wiring

Replacing the grille cover is a fairly easy AC repair, but it takes many steps since the fan assembly has to be taken apart. The first step is to open the side of the condenser to expose the capacitor and wiring. The repair technician finds the wires that go to the fan and disconnects them so the top of the condenser has room to open up.

Once the wiring is free, the technician can unscrew the top condenser panel and pull it off with the grille still attached to it. They might place the panel on the grass or other flat spot so they can dismantle it.

Remove The Fan And Motor

Since the fan and motor will still be attached to the grill and top panel of the AC, they will have to be unscrewed and pulled off. The blades come off first and then the motor. This gives the AC repair technician a chance to examine the blades. If they also look damaged or bent, the repair technician may put new fan blades on when they change the grille.

Replace The Grille

The repair technician has to find the exact grille for your air conditioner model. This grille is secured with screws to the top panel of the condenser. The old grille is unscrewed first and then the new grille is put on.

Reassemble The Parts

After that, the old parts go back on in the reverse order that they came off. The fan motor is put back under the grille followed by the fan blades. Then the top panel of the AC with the fan hooked to it is placed back on top of the condenser and secured with screws. The wiring is hooked back up so that the fan can get power and then the unit is tested.

The repair technician listens and watches as the fan turns to make sure nothing is scraping or wobbling. If everything is alright, your AC is ready for use. Contact a company like Environmental Air Systems Inc to find out more.