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How To Add Insulation To Your Attic

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If you have an overhead crawlspace or attic, you can add some insulation to increase energy efficiency of your home. Ultimately, insulating your attic can help decrease your heating and AC bills dramatically. If you want to do the work on your own, you can make the project more cost effective and do a few random things that should help increase the effectiveness of your new insulation. This article explains how to add insulation to your attic. Read More»

Three Air Conditioner Care Tips

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There are few issues that can make your home more uncomfortable during the summer than problems with your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it can be common for homeowners to take this part of the home for granted until a serious problem arises. To help you be a better informed and more responsible homeowner, you will want to make sure to utilize these three air conditioning tips. Understand The Importance Of Having Your Air Conditioner Serviced Each Spring Read More»

How To Cut Down On Your Electric Heating Bill

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As fall turns into winter, you may find yourself turning the heat in your home up a little more each day. While the high heat usage will keep you nice and warm, it can wreak havoc on your energy bill. While you may not be able to have the heat as high as you’d like it if you’re trying to bring down your big bill, you won’t have to freeze. Read More»

In-Slab Air Conditioner Ductwork: Tips To Help Prevent Water Infiltration

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In-slab air ducts are usually vulnerable to water attacks. This is because being installed in the floor usually exposes them to flood water. If they are installed below the water table, they are also vulnerable to ground water seepages. There is also the risk of attacks from water that leaks from a defective plumbing system. All these things usually combine to form a compromised duct system whose capacity to move air is affected and which exposes the home to poor air quality – moisture encourages mold growth. Read More»

Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting A Pilot Light

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Questions will arise if you own a gas-powered fixture such as a furnace or an oven. The process is similar for lighting the pilot light. If you have problems locating it, you could check the owner’s manual for specifics on your unit. The main items needed for the job consist of long matches or a lighter. Where is the Pilot Light Assembly On Your Furnace? The pilot light to a furnace is usually located by a small button close to the bottom of the furnace unit. Read More»

Can't Shake Your Stubborn Cough? What Are Some Environmental Cures?

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If you feel as though you’ve had a nagging cough all winter, but have ruled out cancer, pneumonia, and other serious illnesses as the cause, you may be dealing with an air quality problem in your home. Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, high dust levels or other airborne impurities can irritate your nasal lining and throat, leading to sinus drainage and the urge to cough. Fortunately, ridding yourself of this cough could be as simple as taking a few steps to improve your home’s air quality. Read More»

Be Prepared For A Winter Storm To Come Your Way

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Winter can sometimes have some severe storms. Those storms can leave a foot or more of snow and downed power lines. If you have such a storm moving into your area, you will need to make sure that you are prepared for whatever may come and you aren’t running to the store trying to get bread and milk before the shelves are bare.  Storm Packs One thing you can do is to create a storm pack well before any storm is predicted. Read More»

Trying To Update An Old Home? Pick Appliances That Save You Big Money

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If you have bought an old house that needs a lot of the appliances replaced, make sure you make the best financial decisions when making the upgrades. Choosing materials that are good for the environment can put money back in your pocket over time. There are many efficient appliance options but not all of them are created equally. Here are a few of the appliances you should consider using when updating the space, so you can have an efficient home that actually saves you money. Read More»