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4 Heating Oil Delivery Tips

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Regular oil deliveries are important if you depend upon them to heat your home. The following tips can make the process go smoothly. 1. Know the Tank Location It’s important that you know the location of your oil tank. In some homes, it is obvious, as it is located in the basement or right next to the home. In homes with underground tanks, though, it can be a bit more challenging. Read More»

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Inspection And Repair Services

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Everyone appreciates the cool air the air conditioner produces during the hot season, explaining why most homeowners consider this machine a must-have. Unfortunately, air conditioning units can sometimes malfunction due to factors such as wear and tear. Calling in a professional is what you should always do whenever this happens. Unless you have the required skills, handling repairs yourself comes with risks such as electrocution. With that said, below are signs you need to hire a reputable air conditioning repair service. Read More»

Preparing Your Home For A Major Winter Storm

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A winter storm can represent a major challenge when it concerns keeping your home warm and comfortable. While a modern heating system that is functioning correctly should be able to keep your home warm during these times, there are still some additional steps that may be needed in order to prepare your home for this type of weather event. Add Plastic Insulation To Your Windows Adding plastic insulation to your windows is an upgrade that you may not fully appreciate until there is a strong winter weather event occurring. Read More»

Challenged By Lack Of Heat In A Newly Finished Space? 4 Options To Consider

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The worldwide pandemic situation has made it necessary for many families to spend most of their time at home. Instead of going to school each day, many children have had to cope with attending online classes from their homes. Parents have also been affected, with many experiencing temporary layoffs or being forced to transition from a brick-and-mortar workplace to working from home.  In houses where space was already at a premium, finding enough room for each person’s work or school activities during pandemic-related shutdowns caused many to make changes in their home’s design or layout. Read More»

Furnace Blower Motors Failure: Causes And Repair Options

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The blower motor is the heart of your furnace — without it, there is no way that the heated air can be moved throughout your home. Blower Motor Types There are two main types of furnace blowers, the direct-drive motor and the belt drive motor. Direct drive motors connect directly to the blower fan, so there are fewer parts between the motor and the fan to break down. This is one of the more common blower motors, particularly in gas fuel furnaces. Read More»